Cover Letter Writing Tips

You've decided to look for a new teaching or administrative job. You need new challenges, more money or simply want to change your job. Problem is that you haven't looked for a new job in years. You know that you have to now update your CV and begin the job search. But what else is involved in this process?

For starters, finding a job in a private school is not like finding a job in any other field. It's all delightfully old-fashioned and un-electronic. What am I talking about? If I were looking for a sales job, I would post my CV on or some other online jobs board portal. To find a private school job, you need to review the postings on a school's website or on one of the national or regional private school association websites. Then apply the old-fashioned manner. That means with a proper cover letter and a good CV.

Find the best cover letter writing tips, advice and guidelines to make the most of your resume cover letter.

You need an effective cover letter.
Your CV can be very impressive. But if your cover letter isn't equally impressive, it's entirely possible that your CV will never get read. First impressions are lasting impressions. Most people spend about twenty seconds reading a cover letter, so it has to make your case clearly and effectively.

How do you write an effective cover letter?
Go to Job Search and read the CV and Cover Letter Guide. Job Search Guide Alison Doyle also has an email course on writing cover letters. Subscribe to it. Even if you think you know what you are doing, it pays to keep your cover letter writing skills current.

Be brief and to the point.
Most of the time a cover letter for a job application only has to state that you are applying for a position and that the application and supporting materials are enclosed. That's it.

Make no mistake about it.
The most important caveat in a cover letter? Make no mistake about it. Absolutely no errors at all. Your cover letter must be perfection itself. A typo, a poor printing job, a misspelling - mistakes will make a poor impression because they imply that you don't care about small points.

Use a word processor.
Avoid hand written cover letter completely. Prepare your cover letter on a computer using Microsoft Word. Don't have a computer? Borrow a friend's or go to a business center and rent one for an hour or two. It is simple, quick and best way to write your resume.